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North Pembrokeshire Open Studios

19 Aug - 02 Sep 2023

My studio will be open to visitors as part of the North Pembrokeshire Open Studios Art Trail.  I will also be delighted to host a ritual of Cha Dao Tea Ceremony with Chajin Claire here. 

Opening times:
Wednesday - Sunday
10am - 5pm

Closed: Monday, Tuesday

Cha Dao Tea Ceremony with Chajin Claire

Saturday 26 Aug 2023 at 2pm

Chajin Claire serves tea from the Cha Dao traditions via donations only. Please book your space via the contact form as numbers are limited.

Chawan - Tea Ceremony.JPG

Workshop: Tea Bowl Handbuilding and Cha Dao
Tea Ceremony

At this weekend workshop we will be using hand building techniques to make two ceremonial tea bowls which will be glazed and wood fired by myself at a later date. This workshop invites you to engage mindfully in a creative practice, observe the basic form of the tea bowl and then interpret it creatively, drawing on inspiration from the natural world and your own imagination. 


As part of the workshop we will immerse ourselves into the ancient practice of Cha Dao Tea Ceremony hosted by experienced Chajin Claire.

Please contact me for more details.

Flying cormorant.jpg

Wild Clay and Wild Places
Fundraising for the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales 

You can buy a wild clay tea bowl here.
Thank you for your support!

108 project bowls.jpg

Linda joined the Wildlife Trust as a #WILDFundraiser in February 2022. Starting off with a WILD fundraising event at the Great Charity Pot and Print Fair. Now, Linda donates 50% of the sales received from her wild clay collection 'One Hundred and Eight' to the Trust. 

outside the studio_edited.png


I make wood fired pottery thrown on a momentum wheel. My work is inspired by the surrounding landscape and locally collected materials are often used. My main influence has been traditional Japanese and Korean pottery.


The Making Process

I throw pots on a momentum wheel, powered only by foot. I like its tranquility, natural rhythm and the slower speed which all give the pots an organic feel...

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