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Chawans of the land

Chawans (ceramic vessels in which matcha tea is prepared) inspired by my natural surroundings and incorporating locally gathered materials including iron rich clay, sand and rocks.

Memory of Water 3.png

Memory of Water

Tea bowls commissioned for a Finnish co-production film released in September 2022 the “Memory of Water” based on Emmi Itaranta’s novel.
The film is about the future world when freshwater supplies are running out and a young woman following her family tradition of being a Tea Master and safeguarding a secret underground water spring.


One hundred and eight.

One hundred and eight offering bowls project (as the number of Mala prayer beads used in Buddhist, Hindu and Yogic traditions) explores the making process as a meditation in repetition of form. The repetition not meaning creating identical pieces but approached playfully, resulting in each bowl being an individual piece.

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