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Linda Unsworth

A potter based in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Originally from Prague, I now work from my home studio in Pembrokeshire. 


I am a self-taught potter but received lots of support from my potter friends, especially Joe Finch, who helped me to build my kiln and Robin Dale Thomas, who has been a great inspiration and let me use his studio before I set up mine. I attended a course with Akiko Hirai at the Clay College, Stoke on Trent in 2019.


I throw pots on a momentum wheel, powered only by foot. I like its tranquility, natural rhythm and the slower speed. 

For decoration I layer slips, create patterns or carve into the pot surface. My glazes usually consist of wood ash, clay and stone. I also like to leave some clay bare to show the warm colours created by the path of flame.


I fire my pots in a wood fired down draft kiln based on Joe Finch's design. The firing usually takes around 18 hours after an initial pre-warming the night before.

My work is inspired by my natural surroundings and often includes materials collected locally which creates a sense of belonging. I think of making pottery as a form of meditation when hands centre the clay and the clay centres the mind.

My other influences are traditional Oriental pottery in its simple timeless form.

Pottery studio, meet the potter, work in progress.jpg


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